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This is a description of nations that frequently appear in Alternate History (or future history) when the US balkinizes.


A Mormon theocracy in the West; its borders aren't limited, but it controls Utah at the least, and frequently just Utah, with the exact same borders. Deseret revolts anytime the Mormons have the opportunity to do so, but CSA victory scenarios are common breeding grounds for one.

New England

Can be found in any time period, due to New England's homogenous culture, but is most common in the 1700s and the 1800s when there was very real talk of secession (the War of 1812). This is a popular seceding region in CSA victory scenarios.


Texas is a double example: it secedes from not only the US frequently, but also the CS as well. The first nation to leave America is always Texas, and when it happens, you know something big is going to happen: typically, this causes a catalyst of similar secessions.