AH Tropes Wiki

By order of His Despotic Majesty, know that the Contributor Guide has been revised!

Firstly, for the sake of things: links and categories are our friends. While there aren't formal rules of style yet, there are best practices. Those include categorizing things where it's possible or sensible (try to keep the numbers down; ever try reorganizing a wiki with way too many categories? It's not pretty. -H.D.M.), and linking them where it isn't.

Secondly, we are not TV Tropes. We're a buttload more specialized than that. For the moment, however, H.D.M. declares that That Other Tropes Wiki is our Webster's and our Strunk and White's. Write here as if you were writing there, and if you must name-check tropes that aren't specific to AH, link there in preference of creating a page here. Their existence is a labor-saving device, and you know how we are (or how we can be.)

Secondly again, we are not TV Tropes. The flip side of having less to focus on, though, is that our focus should be more focused than that. That Other Tropes Wiki can get away with referencing them; it's taken on itself the task of documenting tropes in all media and genres. We should do more than that, in a manner that is yet to be decided.

So You Want To Contribute?[]

Here's how it's done.

  • Pick a catchy name. Alliteration is a plus. So is spelling it right the first time.
  • So you want to see how it's done? H.D.H. currently uses the "So You Want To..." section to explore the mechanics of tropes in more detail - either to poke fun at it (as with Space-Filling Empires) or to actually say something meaningful (exactly what goes into Pulling a Meiji.)
  • ???
  • Profit!