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Bland Neutral Switzerland is a perennial feature of the European landscape.

Key Features of Bland United Switzerland[]

Bland United Switzerland is the same size it is now. Savoy never manages to conquer Geneva and build it into the Kingdom of Burgundy - nor does Switzerland annex Savoy and become a (minor) Mediterranean player. Nor do, say, Bern and Zurich (as they almost did on several occasions, before the Eidegenossenschaft shot them down) go conquering in their backyards. Nor does medieval Europe's most democratic society have more places beyond the Alps trying to opt in, or (horror of horrors) go on a nation-building rampage. (When peasant unrest was described as "wanting to be like the Swiss," you can see what Europe's feudal landlords thought of it.)

Bland Neutral Switzerland is usually an economic powerhouse. While this is a very nice stereotype, it's also a big improvement over history. Prior to 1855, Switzerland was also a model of what could go wrong with decentralized politics: every canton was able to mint its own currency, none of which was standardized with the others'.

Finally, and most obviously, Bland Neutral Switzerland is neutral. This neutrality took a great deal of work on the Swiss part to set up and maintain, and there have been multiple close calls.