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How will AH Tropes ruin your life?

  • It will make you lose respect for your favorite authors. By looking at how they use tropes, you'll realize just how lazy they were, and about what. You will say "I could do better than that."
    This isn't restricted to alternate history, either. Once you've read about the Commonwealth of Both Nations, you will be underwhelmed by almost every fantasy kingdom ever.
  • It will make you lose respect for your own writing. If you ever, ever look back on what you've already written, you'll realize just how much better you could have done it. You might be driven to go back and rewrite them, just so that you don't regret your work every time you look at it.
  • It will make you overworked.
  • It will make you a social recluse. All of this rewriting you do? All of the reading you do? Have fun talking about it online, because you will never, ever find a chance to discuss it offline. Nobody else knows about Byzantium, or the 57 varieties of post-Seljuk Turks that could have toppled it instead of the Ottomans. Nobody else knows about Burgundy, or how its Kingdom would have changed the nature of the early modern era.